We know how to beat this awful virus: Listen to the doctors

For the fourth time in the last eighteen months, Michigan is experiencing a rising wave of COVID-19, as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths surge in communities across the state. But this time is different: we have a free, widely available, highly effective and safe vaccine available.

And that’s why today, frontline medical professionals from 21 health systems all over Michigan jointly signed a letter calling on you, if you’re still unvaccinated, to please go get your COVID-19 vaccine today. The vaccines are free, widely available, highly effective and safe. Now is the time.

About 99% of the people who ultimately die from COVID-19 in this country are unvaccinated. This is a preventable tragedy.

Emerging variants are making this virus even worse and deadlier for children, and pediatric hospitalizations are rising across the country. But every variant of this virus that’s emerged remains susceptible to the free, safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines.

Healthcare workers and you have the responsibility to do everything we can to stop this pandemic. We are pleading with you: please trust us as we guide you to do what’s best for you and our country and get vaccinated right away. To find a location to get vaccinated visit ​​vaccines.gov

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