Wendy Bemis lost 138 pounds

Wendy felt like she had tried everything; diets, programs, exercise and nothing seeming to work. She was 320 pounds and didn’t have the energy to participate in outings with her children and family.

Wendy’s doctor suggested she make an appointment with MBI and she had bariatric surgery in July 2019. Bariatric surgery was a huge lifestyle change for Wendy. “I learned how to cook healthy food and to eat the correct portions,” said Wendy. The MBI dieticians helped her to customize a plan that included food she liked and fit within her lifestyle.

Now, Wendy is 182 pounds and is off all her medications, has less anxiety and is sleeping better. “I wake up in the morning feeling like I have energy to tackle the day now,” said Wendy. She looks forward to going to sporting events, on road trips and spending more time with her family.

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