SJMAA’s Sarah Huber’s Grace Under Pressure Helps Young Shooting Victim

On Wednesday, May 12, officers from the Ann Arbor Police Department presented Sarah Huber, RN, with the Civilian Medal of Valor Award for a recent act of selfless courage and service to a person in need of help.

During a Friday trip to Briarwood Mall, Sarah Huber, RN, with the SJMAA ED, was simply looking forward to having her nails done to get ready for her twin sons’ one-year photos – just some fun mom activities. All that changed in a few seconds…  While walking by a group of young people, she overheard one of the men say “I’ve been shot.” Instantly Sarah jumped into action, instructing one of the by-standers to call 911.  She then asked other people to run into the mall to get towels while she instructed the youth to lay down and remain still while she worked to stop the bleeding.

Within a few moments, Sarah assessed the wound, coordinated an action plan and when the EMS and Ann Arbor Police arrived, she continued looking after the young man who was fortunate to receive remarkable care in his time of need. Without Sarah’s calm, quick thinking and professionalism, the situation could have turned out much differently.

“I guess I happened to be in the right place at the right time,” said Sarah. “Just because it’s your day off doesn’t mean you stop being a nurse or caring about people. We all worked together to help ensure this person came through this fine.” 

Sarah later followed up with the young man’s father, who reported that his son was doing well, thanks to St. Joe’s quick thinking nurse. What makes this action even more notable is the fact that rather than worry about where the shooter was or think about her own safety, Sarah’s instinct as a compassionate healer kicked in and she helped preserve a life.

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