Determined COVID-19 Patient Battles His Way Home

Recovering from COVID-19 can be a long and difficult journey, but a patient’s determination, combined with caring support can make all the difference.  When David Lemble developed a severe cough back in March, he had no idea that he would eventually spend nearly two months on a ventilator, often fighting for every breath.

David and his wife, Tina, knew about COVID and took all the right precautions. When he first developed symptoms, David self-isolated and the family hoped for the best, but after several days, he was having trouble breathing. By March 30, they decided to come to St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor and within 12 hours David was placed on a ventilator.

His wife, Tina, a certified nursing assistant (CNA), clearly understood the seriousness.

“I was scared, but I have faith in God, I also have faith in David and our kids,” said Tina. “Never give up, is the one thing I would tell anyone going through this. We always knew that David was going to get off that ventilator and come home, but it was definitely a roller coaster.”

During the many weeks on the ventilator, David fought and recovered from five separate bouts of pneumonia. He was weaned off the vent for four days, but his lungs weren’t strong enough to breathe on their own.

In addition to the resolute support of his family, David received compassionate care from St. Joe’s medical staff every step of the way.

“I can’t express my gratitude enough for the nurses and all the people who took care of David,” Tina said. “There were so many people who selflessly cared for him. Dr. Eugene Liu was so amazing, he went beyond medical support and was there for all of us emotionally.”

David received leading therapies proven to be effective against coronavirus during his hospital stay. He was among the first to have convalescent plasma infusion, which leverages the antibodies from patients who have successfully beat COVID-19, along with Remdesivir, a drug that’s currently in clinical trials that may help shorten recovery time.

After he was stabilized, the long recovery process included extensive breathing treatments along with cardiac and physical therapy to build up heart, lung and muscle strength after months of severe illness.

“I’m encouraged by how well he’s doing and impressed with how hard David has worked to overcome every challenge,” said Stephen Bloom, DO Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. “His intense determination to get well and the family’s unwavering support are inspiring.”

Over the next several months, Dr. Bloom and the rest of St. Joe’s rehabilitation team will continue working with David to help him return to work at Discount Tire, where he has been employed for over 23 years. During the past two months, the company’s nursing support program has also been assisting the Lemble family, with skilled nurses regularly checking in with Tina to answer questions and provide guidance.

When David finally walked out of St. Joe’s doors on May 27, he was able to see his family face-to-face for the first time in over two months. While happy to return to his loved-ones and home cooked meals, he was overcome with one strong emotion –Gratitude. Before being driven home, he stopped to say: “I appreciate everything that has been done for me. Everyone here has been so kind and helpful to our family. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.”

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