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Arlene Shy credits the doctors and nurses at St. Joe’s Ann Arbor Cancer Center who gave her full confidence she was receiving the best care

Arlene Shy had always been a good, responsible patient. She sensibly scheduled a mammogram every year, confident early detection would be her best defense against breast cancer.

But Arlene learned in March 2014 that those annual mammograms weren’t as effective as she believed – her doctor at the time was still capturing the images on film. A second mammogram, ultrasound and needle biopsy at the Women’s Health Center at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor revealed Arlene, in fact, had stage 3 breast cancer. It was a rare case that showed a primary tumor in each breast.

Though the news was unsettling, Arlene marveled at the way her care team at St. Joe’s came together. She was diagnosed on a Friday and immediately met with her medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and surgeon. She had her first appointment on Monday, and by Tuesday, she had her chemotherapy port placed in her arm.
“I had a sense that all of my doctors were talking to each other. They were on the one hand very compassionate, but very firm,” Arlene said.

“As I was leaving our last visit, wanting to thank you, I said, ‘I feel you saved my life.’ Your reply, ‘That’s what I do.’ So true!”

Arlene_Shy_10Doctors chose to start Arlene on six months of chemotherapy to tackle the cancer as soon as possible. She had a month to recuperate before she had a double mastectomy. Three months of radiation rounded out the treatment.

Arlene credits the strong support team who helped her through the nine months of meticulous appointment-keeping, intense treatment and upheaval of normal life. John, Arlene’s husband of more than 40 years, accompanied Arlene to every treatment. Angie, Arlene’s beloved granddaughter, purposefully held her wedding back until Arlene completed chemotherapy. And, to Arlene’s surprise, numerous relatives and friends reached out to her with compassion and empathy.

“When you have cancer, you realize how many other women have gone through this,” she said.

Arlene is now four years cancer-free, and has been able to enjoy outings to concerts and the theater again. She even looks forward to her follow-up visits because of the strong bond she’s developed with her care team at St. Joe’s. They always struck the right combination of hope, love and honesty in handling her care.

“From our first appointment, when I asked serious questions, you gave me straight answers. Always, you have been clear, kind, compassionate,” Arlene wrote to her radiation oncologist, Dr. Marie-Adele Kress.

“As I was leaving our last visit, wanting to thank you, I said, ‘I feel you saved my life.’ Your reply, ‘That’s what I do.’ So true!”

For more information about breast cancer prevention and treatment programs at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, visit To speak with a representative, please call 1-877-712-HOPE.

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