Day 2 Recap: A WAMies to Remember

The ride from Big Rapids to Dewitt is long at 109 miles but is much flatter than our first day and we “usually” have a tailwind for much of the ride. The operative word is “usually.”

Instead, we faced a stiff northeast wind and made 109 feel a lot lot longer. Throw in a 30-minute rain that made it extra special and we felt firsthand to the perils of Michigan weather. But, as you might expect, the spirits of Team Joe’s and most WAM riders were not diminished at all. 
 You see, this is a very special group of people helping some very special kids who endure far more than a bike ride. These are kids who endure surgery, chemo and medical conditions we can only hope we never encounter ourselves. So, a good headwind is the least of our worries. Raising enough funds to grant wishes to our kids – that is why we do this.

It is great to see new friendships form among the members of Team Joe’s. Many of us have not met before and this was a great opportunity to bond and take something away from this weekend that will last for years to come. We have some very fast riders who hit it hard every day. We have some mid-speed riders who pick each other up all the time and we have slower riders who are steady and inspiring.

Tonight was the infamous “WAMmy Award” ceremony that is hosted by two of our wish kid alumni and highlights wishes granted, many awards including highest fundraising by teams and individuals. 

Team Joe’s is now the third largest team for fundraising and our number pushed above $112,000 by today. Wow. We also granted a wish at the award ceremony to a young boy named Isaac, who we sent off in a limo as he and his family are traveling tomorrow to New York for a wish that has them attending a baseball game and meeting famous NY Mets players. He is so excited.

But the highlight for all of us was the new record that WAM set for overall fundraising – $2.25 million!! That is incredible and humbling. Thanks to all our donors and supporters.

Sunday is our “short” day at 95 miles. It ends at the MIS Speedway and we will ride in as a team in the mid-afternoon. I couldn’t be more excited. Wish us well and maybe even a tailwind this time!


P.S. Sarah Bahnke got her new bike that her dad, Dave McNeil, brought up last night, so she was back in the saddle!

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