WAMtour15 – Behind the Handlebars Again

Team Joe’s was up and on the road early this morning starting with a hearty breakfast and then wheels on the road by 6:20 a.m. Nice cool morning and no rain – yet! Now at the Mile 14 break stop and feeling great. Lee Benjamin decides that his bike can dual as a chair! 😄


8:08 AM – Team Joe’s rolled into Mile 27 break stop at 8:08am. Nice pace! Here Tom and Paige enjoy a light moment. We’ll take a pic at mile 109 and see how they look then!! 😂 

9:37 AM – Team Joe’s rolled into the lunch stop in Greenville at mile 47 at 9:30am.  Feels a lot later than that!!  It has been a good ride today but headwinds have taken an early toll so we will have to stay fueled up and hydrated for the next 62 miles.. Here the team is having some lunch…. 

11:08 AM – Quick update because we r working a bit and out of breath. At mile 59. 50 to go. Whew! Tough winds today.

1:15 PM – Team Joe’s arrived at the mile 75 break stop. Brian, Ro, Jackie and Ralph have a nice family moment. The rest of the team is either in the bathroom, eating, laying on the grass or dunking their head in a tub of ice water!  Pace picked up last 20 miles. 34 miles to go….

2:12 PM – Team Joe’s rolled into the last break stop at mile 93. Bill is lounging and David and Lee are enjoying some ice cream and the sugar boost that we all need. This is time it gets grueling. We have 15 miles to today’s finish. Seems like 50! But, when we remember why we are here doing this for the kids, the pep comes back to the legs.


3:47 PM – Team Joe’s is in the house! Ok, so we are in Dewitt High School but, either way, we are done. It was 109 miles today and it was tough. Headwinds got us on several stretches so that just adds to the fun…😁 I am very proud of our team and amazing job they have done to get this far. Now we get ready for the Whammy Award and Program tonight where we honor riders and wish kids. Always a highlight of the tour!!

9:53 PM – Tonight was the WAMmys which  is a program attended by all the WAM riders, volunteers and Wish Children. It is truly a heart warming event.

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