WAM2015 – Headwinds, Beet Juice and the Hill from Hell

Team Joe’s hit the road at 6:20am this morning with the sun rising behind us in the group shot.  Now at mile 25 break stop and everyone is feeling great. Perfect morning. On we go!!

9:22 AM – Team Joe’s rolls into the lunch stop at 9:10am!!  We have 45 miles under our belt and everyone is still feeling good. Weather is perfect with slight headwinds but, with we just our bigger guys draft us!! Pictures here include our luxurious curb side eating, David Steinberg stretching and Lee Benjamin showing off his Beet Juice to make sure that Lisa McDowell knows he’s using it!!  The rest of us are staying with “normal” nutrition!! Second half awaits….


Once again, Bill Holmes is greeted by his sister Andy at the first day lunch stop. So great to see her again!

12:46 PM – Lee, Dave and Ralph at the mile 70 break stop. The hills and heat are starting to take their toll on the team but the end is in sight – 30 miles to go. One problem – the hill from hell awaits us at mile 90….😁

1:53 PM – Team Joe’s at mile 92 with 8 to go. Hanging tough, hot and not too pretty but happy. We do this for the kids.  2:38 PM – Team Joe’s finished together today at 2:30pm! Everyone was very tired and very glad to get this day behind us. 😅

But we’re still happy to be riding for our Wish Hero!

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