Safe Care Starts with “My Medications” List

MedListWalletCardCan you name the medications, vitamins, herbals and over-the-counter products you are currently taking? Do you know the dosages and why you’re taking them? Hospitals use the latest technologies to keep track of your medical history, but there is something patients can do to make it all work even better – a list of your current medications.

A medications list can help you keep track of everything you take so that your doctor, pharmacist or emergency department physician can take better care of you.

“Safe care begins when all health care providers understand exactly what medications patients are taking,” says Chris Cook, St. Joe’s Director of Pharmacy. “That can get complicated whenever patients receive prescriptions from more than one specialist or take over-the-counter medications, vitamins, alternative meds and herbal therapies.”

So that patient and caregiver are on the same page, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, in partnership with IHA, have created a personalized My Medications list in wallet size or binder size as a resource for our patients.  Taking a few minutes to download and complete the list can safe time and make your care experience even safer.

“Every time you are admitted to an SJMHS facility, or see an affiliated physician, someone will ask you about the medications you take,” says Cook. “Sometimes it feels redundant, even irritating! But it’s the best way to ensure the medication list we have for you is complete, accurate and up to date.”

It is quite possibly the smartest thing a patient can do to ensure a safer and more satisfying health care experience.

RxMedsSmart Phone Apps
There are several free or low-cost smart phone apps to help keep your medications up-to-date and easily accessible. Search for “medication lists” in your app store or try searching for one of the following:

  • MyMedsList
  • My Medication Info
  • Medication Manager

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