Memories along the way

Rob Casalou’s daughter, Julie, who is volunteering for the WAM, had a chance to meet one of our Wish Kids. This is Olivia. Olivia’s wish was to publish her own book! And she did! Her book contains pictures and poems created by this wonderful little girl. She gave Julie a signed book for her to keep. 🙂

At lunch on Friday’s ride. Can you tell that Rosalie is the life of the party?? 🙂

Here is a nice pic of Jodi Talbott and Nick Graham. Jodi is an RN in the Ann Arbor ED.

Awesome pic by David Steinberg at the start of Day 2 with Rob Casalou in the foreground and a double rainbow as we headed into a storm. Good news is that it rained hard for only a couple miles with beautiful weather the rest of the day.

20140726-200741-72461197.jpgRob and Tom Mihalski holding each other up at a breakstop.

20140726-200831-72511935.jpgSunscreen is a must on the WAM as shown by Tom Mihalski.

20140726-200913-72553640.jpgNick and Jodi still smiling after two days on their first WAM.

20140726-200955-72595368.jpgRalph, Rosalie and Alex deep into Day 2. We are sad that the three of them will not be able to finish with us on Day 3 because of a family wedding tonight. So we told them to wear their Team Joe’s jerseys. The rest of us will wear the team colors tomorrow.

20140726-201030-72630259.jpgRo and Alex. It was great seeing Mom and son riding for wishes together.

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