Team Joe’s all smiles after stage 1

Many members to Team Joe’s met up at a late break stop. We may be weary but it was a photo op.

Lee Benjamin and Jodi Talbott getting ready to take off and show all of us how tough the ED crew is!

Bill Holmes and Rosalie Tocco-Bradley figure if the cycling thing doesn’t work out, then dancing may be the next best option!

As the day winds down, the smiles are still there. From left, Sheila Marcus, Rosalie Tocco-Bradley, Alex Bradley, Rob Casalou, Jodi Talbott, Nick Graham, Tom Mihalski.

One thought on “Team Joe’s all smiles after stage 1”

  1. I missed you guys so much. I am not going to run a May marathon next year to blow out my knee. I will be ready. That was poor p[lanning for me. The pictures make me smile and remind me how great you are.

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